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We are a Council Licensed Breeder and also Kennel Club Assured so you can buy with confidence.


Local Authority and The Kennel Club reinforce the basic concepts of responsible breeding practice, which includes ensuring that breeders take all of the required health tests for their breed.


At FrenchBleu we breed high quality, healthy french bulldogs meeting all the requirements  of the local authority and Kennel Club Assured breeders scheme. To ensure all standards and laws are met, a  2-3 hour visit and inspection must be passed from both the council and Kennel Club with their independent vets. This is a yearly requirement. 


Frenchbleu have been part of The Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme since 2014, we have had 19 litters in the past six years so you can be confident and rest assured that we know what we are doing. 


Based in Middlesex we are the only Assured Breeder, if you click on the photo of the certificate below it will lead to the Kennel Club website for proof of validation of certificate.


We avoid using kennel’s for our dogs, instead we place them in loving family homes with friends and family. So you can be assured in knowing they are not treated as breeding dogs in puppy farms etc. they are all family pets.





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