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Related to both the American Bulldog and English Bulldog, the French Bulldog is smaller in size and is an exceptionally playful and good-natured character that easily adapts to different lifestyles and home

environments making them one of the most popular companion dogs not only in the UK, but elsewhere in the world too. Frenchies crave lots of attention and like nothing more than to spend time with their

owners. One of their most endearing traits is their willingness to please and although they can be stubborn, when carefully handled Frenchies can be taught to do some amazing things.

French Bulldogs are known to be the clowns of the dog world, but they are quite intelligent with a mischievous and playful streak in them. They may become a little possessive and protective of owners and

will occasionally need a gentle reminder about who is the alpha dog in a household. They are generally very good around children, although it is best to always supervise any encounters kids have with

Frenchies, much the same as with any other breed of dog.



The modern French Bulldog we see today is a descendant of ancient dogs bred by an ancient Greek tribe called the Molossians. These dogs found their way to many regions of the ancient world having been

introduced to these areas by Phoenician traders.

There is a lot of speculation on the actual origin of the French Bulldog, but it is likely that the breed originated from the miniature or toy Bulldog (a cross of English Bulldogs and Terrier type dogs)

which were brought to France by Nottingham lace workers during the industrial revolution that took place in England during the eighteen hundreds. Other people believe the French Bulldog is descended from the

Chincha Bulldog, a breed native to ancient Peru and which no longer exists today.

The first ever breed club was established in Paris in the late eighteen hundreds and a little later a breed standard was established. French Bulldogs were only admitted and accepted as a breed in 1905 here

in the UK when they were called Bouledogue Francais, this was later altered to French Bulldog in 1912. Over the years, the breed standard has been continually updated with more colours being considered

acceptable which includes the colour fawn.

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